keyboard lessons

Feel like jazzin it up. Why not Jazz Piano

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vocal training

maximise your vocal talent.

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guitar lessons

Acoustic or Electric guitar, your choice

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drumming lessons

Swing Band, Hard Rock, Reggae. Know every beat.

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Keyboard Lessons

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Fame Music Academy is the best choice for those who may want to become a professional versatile keyboard player later on, as well as those learning just for fun.

Key skills covered in the course include: keyboard-style and piano-style techniques, solo and ensemble playing, arranging, improvising, music notation, theory and practical aural skills.

A fully accredited examination syllabus based on the materials for both keyboard courses, is available, designed and delivered in partnership with Trinity College London.

Our keyboard courses help students acquire a broad range of musical skills, which means they can function in a wide range of musical situations.

Drumming Lessons

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Drums have been growing in popularity among children in recent years.

Current pop culture further encourages both boys and girls to learn how to play drums and the trend continues to grow.

We offer fun and exciting drum lessons for kids ages 5 and up.

We teach theory, ear-training and how fun learning can be.

Muscle building techniques will be practiced along with metronome skill sets.

Any styles and genres including Classical, Jazz, Blues or Pop.

Guitar Lessons

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Fame Music Academy is proud to offer guitar lessons with some of the finest teachers in South Africa.

Our instructors work with students of all levels, from absolute beginners to professional touring musicians.

Our students learn to play songs, read music, write tunes, improvise and become accomplished musicians.

Some of our students even go on to form successful bands and begin careers in music.

We're passionate, to providing an outstanding learning experience for each student.

We offer Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar Lessons. The choice is yours or take both.

Vocal Training

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Some people believe you can either sing or you can not. They believe you are either born with the talent or you are out of luck.

The falacy of this is you are not born being able to play guitar or drums, you have to learn these skills. Sure, there are those who are blessed with perfect pitch but there are also those who have natural talent hidden by poor technique.

The point here is, the voice is an instrument and, as with any instrument, anyone can learn.

There are many facets to singing, from breathing to pitch control to understanding your range.

At Fame Music Academy we have an in depth understanding of all these facets and the many different vocal styles.

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